VDO is a manufacturer of bearings in China providing one-stop service

VDO is a manufacturer of bearings in China, we are here to provide a one-stop service for you.
Our VDO manufactures the highest quality standards of bearings at competitive prices. You can find the fit bearings here with our wide and full bearings offering.

Over 30 years

Over 30 years of experience


About 100+ bearing R&D engineers


Annual sales of 350 million pieces


Products are sold in 37 countries

Classification Features of Bearings

Industrial transmission parts

Ball bearings, roller bearings, bearing units, plain bearings, joint bearings,
High-temperature bearing, Electrically insulated bearings, Ceramic bearing chain, belt, seals, gearwheel, fasteners, coupling

Automotive bearings

Automotive bearings, tapered roller bearings, wheel bearings, needle bearings, deep groove ball bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,clutch, Cross shaft bearing, repair kits

Custom bearings

We customize all kinds of bearings for you in standard & non-standard and, Inch&metric.
VDO can quickly design and deliver custom-engineered bearings for your specialty application without requiring high-volume order quantities. When you need more than an out-of-the-box bearing solution, VDO has the resources to address your individual needs.

Belts and Chains

Introducing our product line to our valued customers is one of our great pleasures. We take pride not only in our high-quality ball and roller bearings but also in our superior chains and belts.

Our ball and roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads which provide smooth and precise motion, that will ensure the reliable performance of your machine. At the same time, our chains and belts are designed for superior durability and strength, so that will provide maximum efficiency and productivity for your operation.

Railway bearings

Enter a world of unparalleled efficiency with our state-of-the-art high-speed rail bearings. Engineered for excellence, our bearings are designed to ensure your train glides seamlessly on track, delivering a journey experience like never before.
Our bearings are precision engineered using advanced materials and cutting-edge technology. They are not just components; They are the cornerstone of high-speed rail systems.
We rigorously test them in the most extreme conditions to ensure they stand the test of time and speed.

Ordering from us

The bearing purchase process can be uncontrollable for you. Importing bearings can be confusing when one is not familiar with the transaction process, here are a few simple steps on how to order bearings from China that we hope will help you

Confirm bearing type and quantity(3-7 days)

It is very important to determine with you the type, size and quantity of bearings before ordering. But if you forget to do so, don't worry! Our colleagues will help you, good service is a good start for an order!

Production and testing (20-30 days)

We start processing and production immediately after we receive the customer's deposit. To ensure the quality, we conduct comprehensive testing before leaving the factory, and the high quality bearings speed up your production line.

Shipping (20-30 days)

We have different shipping methods. Air freight is fast but expensive, so it is a good choice for urgent orders, like taking 7-10 days. Sea freight is the most economical way to send, taking 20-30 days.

After Sales Service(Long time)

If you have any questions about bearings in use or for sale, you can contact our technicians, who are passionate about their work, so you can be completely assured that you will be satisfied! For a hassle-free project, contact us today!

Common pitfalls when purchasing

There are different things to consider when you order any type of bearing, and that includes bearings from China. There are certainly a lot of great bearing companies out there.
The bearing purchase process can be easy and master for you. Even importing bearings can be confusing when one is not familiar with the transaction process, here are some simple steps on how to buy bearings from China that I hope are helpful for you

The purpose of our learning bearing production technology is, ultimately, to make good, high-quality bearing products. And this result is recognized by the market. Therefore, only if I do so, your business can achieve good economic benefits.

So the company you choose to buy bearings from must be the one that can provide high quality bearings to ensure your bearings can be successful in your country. We need to be able to provide reliable quality bearings, prompt after-sales service, solve problems encountered in the production process, and help you with advice and support in market development.

A manufacturer that can provide comprehensive services is an important partner for you in the future.

Testimonials from real customers

We provide bearings for customers all over the world, come hear what they have to say about us and you can trust them.

I have been working with VDO for 5 years now and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. The quality of their bearings is excellent and my retailers have never complained about their products. They have a very wide range of bearing categories and I suggest you try their other bearings as well!
Spanish bearing importers
I do roller skating and my colleague felt very safe with VDO throughout the purchase process, their sales staff was very professional and after I bought back the stainless steel bearings, my colleague said they were very satisfied and the roller skating was faster to use with VDO's bearings.
Roller Derby Manufacturer
 I used to import bearings in China, but the quality was not qualified, since my peer introduced VDO to me, I made a small trial order with a skeptical mind, I didn't expect the quality to be good, I have been working with VDO for 3 years now, and their after-sales problems can be solved as soon as possible.
Machinery Manufacturer
I made a small trial order first and everything shipped smoothly. I didn't expect the quality of the bearings to be beyond my expectation, and my sales have been communicating with me about the goods from production to shipping, providing me with a good solution.It was a pleasant cooperation
Automotive Manufacturers