Ball Bearings Manufacturers and Suppliers

We provide various types of ball bearings (deep groove ball bearings, spherical ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, thin section bearings, etc.)

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Ball bearing classification

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

VDO deep groove ball bearings feature high speed, robustness and low maintenance, and can be supplied for machinery with specific performance requirements.

Self-aligning Ball Bearings

VDO produces spherical ball bearings that generate very little frictional heat in both rows of ball bearings even at high speeds, thus minimizing maintenance requirements.

Angular contact Ball Bearings

VDO produces angular contact ball bearings with good running performance and high axial load carrying capacity, designed to withstand both radial and axial loads.

Thrust Ball Bearings

VDO thrust ball bearings can only carry axial loads and cannot carry any radial loads. The separable assembly simplifies mounting and dismounting as well as maintenance.

Thin Section Bearings

VDO offers thin-walled bearings that reduce weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility and provide excellent operating accuracy.


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Different types of bearings

Because of the different application scopes, the ball bearings can be divided into deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, angular contact bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, etc.

How to choose the right bearing for your product

If you are a distributor, tell me the products your customers often buy, and I will recommend to you the most suitable, best-quality bearings.
If you have your own production products, then be sure to tell us what the product is, what specific position the bearing is used in, the required speed, and the size of the reservation, and we will recommend the most suitable bearing for you.

Advantages of ball bearings

Ball bearings offer the advantages of low friction, ease of use and durable performance. Compared to other connection methods (such as belts and chains), ball shafts appear much smaller.
Because they can easily accommodate large amounts of energy input and output requirements (such as aircraft, trucks, ships, tractor buckets and pumps), ball bearings are widely used on robots and tools on factory production lines.

Composition of ball bearings

A ball bearing consists of two parts, one of which contains the inner circle and the other contains the outer circle. The inside of the ball bearing contains the enclosed device which consists of one or more small balls and one or more discs.