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VDO’s deep groove ball bearings are capable of operating at high speeds and have the ability to carry a radial load along with a limited axial load. These parts, also known as deep groove ball bearings, require little service and maintenance, providing the durability and reliability of your product or design needs.

Common models of radial ball bearings that are available through VDObearings include Miniature Ball Bearings, Thin Inch Series, 6000 Series, 6200 Series, 6300 Series, 6400 Series, 61800 Series, 61900 Series, R Series, and many other options.

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Bearing data

Due to the large number of deep groove ball-bearing products, we provide some model parameters of some brands for your reference. If you need it, please contact us, and we will provide you with a dedicated salesman to communicate with you.

Deep groove ball bearing characteristics

The deep groove ball bearing is a type of irreplaceable component since it cannot be separated.
The inner and outer rings are made up of deep grooves that accommodate prospective loads but increase their contact area when subjected to higher speeds or load direction changes;
They also work well for directing power without experiencing overheating issues during operation at fast velocities where pure rolling seekers would otherwise fail because their contacts get too hot under these conditions.

Low-noise bearings

Low-noise bearings are available, with various options to suit different applications. Low-noise floors are also available, such as speed classes Z1-Z3, and V1-V3. For specific requirements of motors in air conditioning or fan applications, the user requires a minimum level of less than 50 dB(A). Different vibration levels are available depending on the customer’s specifications; each level has its own set of components, differing only in terms of weight rating and torque.

Bearings with dust caps and seals

In addition to producing open-base type bearings, VDO can also produce individual components such as seals and rings when required. The following configurations are available. Single sealed dust cover Z; two-part sealing ring RZ (for non-contact); or RS1/2 with either contact mechanism – these can be used in any combination depending on the application requirements.

This type of bearing is best suited for low speed conditions. It comes with enough grease so you don’t have to clean or apply any external grease when mounting on the machine! This can be used in any environment where some special features are needed, such as water resistance and anti-corrosion coatings on the balls, which will also help prevent rusting if they are applied correctly at 25%-35%.

Stop Slots, Stop Rings

With VDO’s design, deep groove ball bearings with stop groove and stop ring on the outer ring are produced. You can use this type of shaft to facilitate the installation of joints and fixtures. Since the bearings are self-contained within their mounting brackets and the available space on the installation site is limited due to weight restrictions, etc., we recommend using them whenever possible, as they will provide more flexibility than traditional methods and ensure that you do not encounter any movement or stability problems with your construction project!


Standard grade deep groove ball bearings have P0 class tolerances and can also be supplied with P6, P5, P4, and P2 classes for high precision.

Radial clearance

Ordinary grade deep groove ball bearing has C0 group clearance, also can provide more or less than ordinary grade clearance products. Double row deep groove ball bearings with ordinary grade radial clearance, back-to-back, or face-to-face combination bearings are generally supplied with smaller axial clearance in the following two forms, back designation CA, light preload, back designation GA, 60, 62, and 63 series.


Deep groove ball bearings usually use steel plate stamping wave-shaped cages, but can also use other types, such as nylon 66 cage or turned brass solid cage.


Temperature limitation

The permissible operating temperature of deep groove ball bearings is limited by the following factors

Dimensional stability


Bearing rings and balls

VDO deep groove ball bearings are thermally stable up to at least 120 °C (250 °F).


The allowable operating temperature of seals depends on the seal material.

NBR: -40 to +100 °C (-40 to +210 °F) can be tolerated for short periods of time
up to 120 °C (250 °F) for a short period of time.
FKM: -30 to +200 °C (-20 to +390 °F)
FKM: -30 to +200 °C (-20 to +390 °F) can withstand temperatures of up to 230 °C (445 °F) for a short period of time.
Typically, the temperature peak is at the seal lip.