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Needle roller bearings

VDObearings offers a range of needle roller bearings with higher load carrying capacity and the ability to withstand oscillations with greater rigidity. With needle roller bearing solutions, Ritbearing has a variety of styles, including inch series and metric sizes. Other needle roller bearing options include single row, double row, and solid or split cage.

Common types of needle roller bearings available through VDObearings include RNA49xx series, RNA59xx series, RNA69xx series, NK, NA49xx series, NA59xx series, NA69xx series, NKI series, RNAF series, NAFW series, IR series, IRZ series, KT series.

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Bearing data

We also provide various (K, NK, HK, NSK, RNA) and other types of needle roller bearings, if you need please contact us, and we will provide you with a special salesman to communicate with you.

Product Type

Needle roller and cage assemblies(K)

VDO needle roller and cage assemblies are self-contained, ready-to-install bearings with high load carrying capacity and high stiffness. In applications where the shaft and housing bore can be used as raceways, they can be used to create bearing arrangements that require minimal radial space.

Drawn cup needle roller bearings(BK,HK)

VDO drawn cup needle roller bearings are needle roller bearings with a thin drawn outer ring. Its main feature is the low section height and high load bearing capacity. Mainly used for compact, inexpensive and bearing box bore can not be used as needle roller cage assembly raceway bearing configuration.

Needle roller bearings with machined rings(NK,NKS,RNA)

Solid sleeve needle roller bearings consist of one or two rings and a needle roller set with cage. Depending on the application, they can be classified as bearings with or without an inner ring. Therefore, solid sleeve needle roller bearings can meet the requirements of light weight, small space occupation and high power transmission.

Combined needle roller bearings(NKIA,NKIB)

The combination of radial needle roller bearings and thrust bearings means that these bearings can withstand the combined radial and axial loads, providing a very compact solution and high load-carrying capacity. Thrust bearings consist of a thrust cage assembly with a needle or cylindrical rollers or balls and a thrust washer. Needle and cylindrical rollers are held and guided by the thrust cage.

Needle Roller Bearing Installation Precautions

  • Needle roller bearing installation will be an auxiliary sleeve outer diameter coated with a thin layer of lubricant, set into the outer bearing ring so that the additional sleeve and bearing outer ring constitute an annular hole, and then the annular hole into the needle roller.
  • For needle roller bearings without an inner ring and outer ring, when installing, first apply a layer of grease on the rolling surface of the shaft.
  • For the needle roller bearing with stamping outer ring, the outer ring wall is very thin, do not use a hand hammer to knock when installing, should be used to press in. Because when the hand hammer strikes, the pressure is not uniform, and it is easy to make the outer ring of the needle roller bearing produce local deformation.

When you know how to install needle roller bearings, when you carry out this work, you will be able to do it well with a clear mind. When to use a sleeve, where to apply lubricant, can you use a hand hammer to knock, how to install a needle roller, etc., all this is no longer a problem after you understand the above-related introduction, you can easily handle it. Of course, practice is the most important thing, you can only really learn the skills from it if you do it.

Disassembly method

  • Knockout method: The knocking force is generally on the inner ring of the bearing. When the bearing is located at the end of the shaft, use a brass rod smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing against the end of the shaft and tap gently with a hand hammer to remove it.
  • Hot disassembly method: It is suitable for disassembling tight-fitting bearings. Firstly, heat the oil to about 100℃ and pour it on the bearing to be dismantled with an oil pot. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller.
  • Push-press method: Use a press to push the bearing, and work smoothly and reliably without damaging the machine.
  • Pull-out method: Use a special pulling tool, when disassembling, just rotate the handle, and the bearing will be pulled out slowly. When dismantling the outer ring of the bearing, the two feet of the pulling tool should be bent and opened outward; when dismantling the inner ring of the bearing, the two feet of the pulling tool should be turned inward and stuck on the end face of the inner ring of the bearing.

Causes of damage

Because there are many problems in the use process that can lead to damage to needle roller bearings, such as prolonged use, improper lubrication, contaminants in the bearings, and improper disposal of equipment can lead to bearing damage.

  • Pollutants: fine dust invisible to the naked eye is the strongest killer of bearings, which can increase the wear, vibration, and noise of bearings.
  • Stamping: When using the equipment, the formation of strong stamping or direct hammering of the bearing is also an important factor leading to bearing damage.
  • Lubrication: When the bearings are used for a period of time directly after, the degree of lubrication of the bearings should be properly checked, if the machine failure is caused by bearing lubrication, it will delay your production, and work.

Needle roller bearing application areas

Needle roller bearing radial structure is compact, with the same inner diameter size and load capacity, needle roller bearing outer diameter is the smallest, so especially suitable for radial installation size-restricted support structure, mainly used in automobile starter motors, engines, steering systems, motorcycle engine, door closer, power tools, ABS/ESP, air conditioning compressor and other fields.
The automotive industry is the largest area of application for needle roller bearings. Needle roller bearings can obtain high bearing capacity and high stiffness in a small space, so they are widely used in the powertrain, chassis, air conditioning, and other parts of the car, and have a close relationship with the reliability, safety, and comfort of the whole car.