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Railway bearings

Enter a world of unparalleled efficiency with our state-of-the-art high-speed rail bearings. Engineered for excellence, our bearings are designed to ensure your train glides seamlessly on track, delivering a journey experience like never before.
Our bearings are precision engineered using advanced materials and cutting-edge technology. They are not just components; They are the cornerstone of high-speed rail systems.
We rigorously test them in the most extreme conditions to ensure they stand the test of time and speed.

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We also provide various Railway bearings, if you need please contact us, and we will provide you with a special salesman to communicate with you.

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CTBU compact tapered roller bearing units

The Russian freight cars 12-132-03 with axleload 23,5 t are equipped with CTBU 130 x 250 x 160 in special execution.
These compact TBUs are used for full bore axlebox designs.
The new generation of Russian freight cars is designed for 25 t axleload.
This CTBU 150 x 250 x 160 provides lower life cycle cost and easier maintenance.

TBU tapered roller bearing units, inch sizes

VDO has developed special compact TBU designs for Russian freight car bogie designs. This special design is based on an LL-seal on both sides, a polymer spacer and polymer cages. Several technical features were redesigned to meet Russian operating requirements such as poor track conditions, a maximum speed of 120 km/h and extreme climate conditions.

CRB cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings and units are used for all kinds of railway rolling stock. These bearings are typically applied as sets of two single row bearings. The rollers in a single row cylindrical roller bearing are guided between the integral “open” flanges of the outer rings. 

CRU cylindrical roller bearing units

These “open” flanges, combined with the specially designed and surface treated roller ends, provide improved lubrication, reduced friction and consequently lower operating temperatures.
The outer ring with the integral flanges, together with the cylindrical roller and cage assembly, can be separated from the inner ring.